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All enrolments are subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

Conditions of Enrolment
Course material and enrolments for FNS40815 and FNS50315 are valid for a period of 6 months each from the date of the trainee's enrolment. Other courses (eg. FNS40215 or FNS40615 or FNS50215) are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of enrolment.  At the end of this period:

  • If the assessment material has been completed and deemed competent, a qualification (Certificate) or Statement of Attainment will be issued for the competencies achieved.
  • If you have completed assessments unsuccessfully and you do not advise that you wish to re-submit any of your assessments, within the completion period, nor submitted an extension request, you will receive advice of Competency not yet achieved.
  • If, within the completion period, you have not submitted any assessment material, nor submitted an extension request, you will be withdrawn from your course with a result of No Result - Withdrawn. You then have the option to re-enrol at a reduced cost.

Courses of the nature offered by NFI as adult education entering the industry are GST-free. However, RPL, Extensions or any additional material, products or services provided by NFI, are subject to GST at 10% and GST is inclusive in the advertised prices.

Enrolment will only be complete and a person considered a trainee when a payment has been received by NFI. All fees are in Australian dollars. Accepted payment methods include all credit cards, cash, cheque, money order or direct deposit. Certificates will not be issued to a completed trainee until full payment has been made.

NFI does allow a payment plan for training.  The choice of payment period can be two, three or four months. There is no interest charged on the monthly payments however, there is a one off administration fee of $40. To work out the instalments add $40 to your course fee and divide the payment by the number of months required, to a maximum of four months.  Important Notice to Applicants for Credit (Under section 18(E)(1) of the Privacy Act 1988 / Notice of disclosure of your credit information to a credit-reporting agency):  NFI may give information about you to a credit reporting agency, for the following purposes:  Where NFI is a credit provider to you in the form of terms or instalment options and payment is overdue by more than 60 days or following notice given to show that your intention is not to comply with your credit obligations.

Trainees who wish to cancel their enrolment will be eligible for a refund in the following circumstances;

• NFI withdraws or cancels the course and no suitable program can be offered within a month of the initial date;
• Significant illness (or injury) which makes it impossible for the trainee to complete the program. Such applications must be supported by appropriate medical documentation.

Circumstances in which a refund will not be granted:
• Change of mind;
• Change of employment or working hours;
• Domestic relocation;
• Financial hardship;
• Retrenchment (a deferral may be granted);
• Where a trainee's assessment task has not reached a Competent stage; or
• Where academic misconduct or plagiarism has been determined by NFI.

Any other reason a trainee submits as grounds for a refund will be assessed by NFI on a case by case basis.

Trainees must send an email to enquiries@financeinstitute.com.au to request a refund. Supporting documentation must be provided to support the exceptional circumstances. The determination of refunds will be communicated to trainees via email within 5 working days of NFI receiving the refund request. Trainees who have been granted a refund due to exceptional circumstances will receive a refund of the full purchase amount, less an administration processing fee of 10% of the full enrolment fee. Refund payments will be paid within 30 days of the refund being approved. Refunds agreed by NFI will only be paid to the person or body (on behalf of the trainee) from whom the original payment was received.

WORKSHOPS: If a refund is requested at least one week before the workshop commences, a full refund, less an administration fee of 10% of the full fee, will be given. No refund will be granted after a workshop has started, unless the course is cancelled by us. If NFI cancels a course, a full refund of any fees paid (including the administration fee) will be approved. Once training has commenced in a workshop, no refund is available to participants who leave before finishing the workshop. A student unable to attend a workshop must advise NFI prior to 5pm on the business day prior. Failure to advise within time would be considered a non-attendance. 
ONLINE/HOME STUDY: NO refunds are offered to students who have commenced their online training.
RPL: Refunds on RPL submissions are at management discretion. Any RPL fees paid by an applicant, which results in a non-approval result can be credited towards study of a qualification or may be refunded at management's discretion, less a $100 administration fee.

NFI will make a refund of full fees should a course be discontinued by NFI. Should the trainee desire to take an alternative NFI course to the one discontinued then fees will be fully transferable to that course. Once a trainee has commenced their course and received their course material or their online login details, there will be no refund of fees paid. In addition, no refunds or transfers will be given after the commencement of a workshop if exclusion for unsatisfactory attendance or behaviour has occurred. If a trainee is unable to complete their live course due to unforeseen, legitimate circumstances, such as sickness or exceptional family circumstances, NFI will permit the trainee to attend the next scheduled live course. Alternatively, the trainee may complete the remainder of their course as a Distance Learning trainee. Refunds on postage or expenses incurred in the return of any course or assessment material for marking will not be considered. Distance Learning trainee requests for a refund based on extraordinary circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Decisions to discontinue study based on "change of mind" will not be considered once the course material has been accessed by the trainee.

None of the above conditions are subject to any cooling-off period. 

Trainees cannot transfer their enrolment in an NFI course to another person.  A trainee can request to transfer from one face to face workshop to a different face to face workshop.  Transfer requests received within 1 business day of course commencement will incur a $75 transfer admin fee.  For courses undertaken on a unit by unit basis, any request for transfers to a different course or unit must be received within 5 days of the original login being issued or a transfer admin fee of $49 will apply.  Transfer requests can be discussed by phone on 1300 765 400.

Debt Recovery
NFI will follow and utilise the process of debt recovery as outlined in its Debt Recovery policy. NFI has the right to list any un-recovered debts with a third party and this may affect a person's credit rating.

Course Material
A course manual will be provided to workshop trainees on their first day of attendance at their face-to-face training workshop. If completing the course by distance learning, trainees will receive their course manual by mail within 2 weeks of enrolment via post. Online trainees have immediate access or within 48 hours to their training course following processing of payment and receipt of their login details. It is not permitted for material to be copied or used by a person or for login details to be shared or used by any person other than the enrolled person.

Certification for accredited training programs offered by The National Finance Institute as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) are issued in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) 2015. Upon successful completion of the course requirements trainees are entitled to a nationally recognised qualification.

Third Party Training
Currently, Walker and Miller Training Services are under an arrangement with NFI to facilitate training services and use NFI training material. The material may be white labelled as Walker and Miller but NFI remains the RTO (Registered Training Organisation).  Preparation of the material, marking of assessments and issue of certificates is completed by NFI.  The Terms and Conditions of the course are as found on this website but may have additional terms and conditions issued by a third party organisation.  NFI is responsible for the quality of training and assessment and the issuing of all qualifications and statements of attainment.  Should any changes in the arrangements between a third party provider and NFI occur, NFI will communicate those changes to all trainees.

If applicable, accreditation with lenders is at the discretion of the individual institutions.

Time Limits/Extensions
By commencing a course, the trainee agrees that there is a time limit for course completion.  Six months each for FNS40815 and FNS50315 and twelve months each for all other courses (eg. FNS40215, FNS40615, FNS50215), to allow for return of any assessment material.  Extension requests for a time extension of up to three months are available for a fee of $99 incl GST. Click here to access the extension request form.

Course Duration

  • FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking

                      MCQC1    - 3 day workshop, 9am-5pm - trainees have six months in which to return the assessments which are
                                       required after the conclusion of the 3 day workshop (completed in your own time)
                      MCQC2/3 - Distance learning or Online E-Learning (home study) trainees have a maximum of six months from receipt
                                       of course material or from receipt of their login details in which to complete the course.
                                       Extensions in 3 month blocks are available for $99, if circumstances require.       

  • FNS50315 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

                      DIPFS1    - 2 day workshop, 9am-5pm - trainees have six months in which to return the assessments which are
                                       required after the conclusion of the 2 day workshop (completed in your own time)
                      DIPFS2/3 - Distance learning or Online E-Learning (home study) trainees have a maximum of six months from receipt
                                       of course material or from receipt of their login details in which to complete the course.
                                       Extensions in 3 month blocks are available for $99 if circumstances require.  
  • FNS40215 / FNS40615 / FNS40115 / FNS50215 Online courses have a 12 month completion period but are self paced.  Trainees can commence at any time. Trainees are also able to enrol into one unit of competence at a time. When enrolling into one unit at a time trainees are given a completion period of 3 months per unit.

Studies can be completed at your own pace and before any enrolment deadline provided by NFI.

Minimum Class Size
At their discretion, NFI require a minimum of 4 participants to run a workshop course. Should there be less than 4, an alternative course date will be offered to the participants enrolled or fees will be refunded or distance learning or online e-learning may be chosen.

Mutual Recognition
NFI recognises the Mutual Recognition principle which is a feature of the Australian Quality Training Framework which allows qualifications and statements of attainment issued by any RTO to be accepted and recognised by all other RTOs, and training packages endorsed by the National Training Framework Committee to be delivered by all RTOs registered to do so. NFI recognises the AQF qualifications and Statements of Attainment which are issued by any other Registered Training Organisation, across the States and Territories of Australia.

Recognition of Prior Learning
Trainees may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL). Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) gives you recognition for what you have already learned through previous studies, work or life's experiences. You may receive credit for a part, or parts of a course. You will need to provide evidence to support your application. The fee for applying for Recognition of Prior Learning for the FNS40815 or FNS50315 is $595 or for FNS40215, FNS40615 or FNS50215 is $995 (group discounts may apply. You may email NFI at enquiries@financeinstitute.com.au and we will forward RPL information to you or a pdf file outlining the RPL procedure is available on this website or you can click here.  RPL fees can be credited towards course study if an applicant's submission is not approved. RPL refund policy is above.

Credit Transfer
Trainees may be eligible for Credit Transfer. Credit Transfer is the status obtained on the basis of formal arrangements between education and training organisations as to the equivalence of knowledge and/or skills within a specified course. Credit Transfer is available automatically to those who have documented evidence of achievement in the equivalent courses/units.

Combining Credit Transfer (CT) with RPL and study
Trainees who enrol in a course or multiple units utilising a mixture of Credit Transfer, RPL and study must determine which of these options relates to each unit at the time of enrolment. If a student commences to study any gap units having had their enrolment determined that gap study is required, then the student must remain with this study method of achieving this unit. Students can not transfer from study to RPL unless this is the intention indicated upon first enrolment. If a student does wish to transfer from study to RPL then the normal RPL fee and application form will apply for this mode transfer.

Language, Literacy, Numeracy (LLN), Disability and Support
You will be checked for having the appropriate minimum level of LLN to identify if you require any referral assistance. Assistance can be provided at other RTO’s or other tutors who offer services at additional costs. Usually the facilitator can allocate someone to assist you based on your needs. The facilitator will notify if specific assistance is required. In the case of a trainee having a specific disability we would respectfully request that you advise NFI prior to attendance so that we can ensure we have specifically prepared the venue, materials, facility or amenity to cater to the specific needs. This advice can be given by a note on the enrolment form, telephone or email and confidentiality is ensured.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)
From 1 January 2015, NFI may only issue a recognised qualification or statement of attainment to a trainee:
- after that trainee has provided NFI with a verified USI, or
- after NFI has applied for a USI on the trainee's behalf.
NFI's student management system is able able to verify USIs automatically, once the trainee provides it to NFI.  Trainees will be advised if their USI does not match the original enrolment information provided to NFI, as all USI's must match. A USI must be verified, prior to any qualification or statement of attainment being issued.  To avoid delays in issuing certification documentation, trainees should ensure that they apply for and advise NFI of their USI at the time of enrolment. USIs can be created at www.usi.gov.au.

Welfare and Guidance Services
As courses are commercial fee-for-service there are no discounts for health-care cards, pensions, etc. Some guidance on CV circulation to enhance job prospects can be provided on request.  Employment service bureaus or Job Network Providers may also be approached by the trainee regarding the possibility of assistance.

Complaint/Appeal Procedure
NFI has a complaints, grievance and appeals procedure. Please contact administration on 1300 765 400 for further details or visit Dispute Resolutions here or the Academic Appeals process here on this web site.

Bullying, Harassment, Victimisation
Legislation now prohibits the bullying, harassment or victimisation of fellow students, teachers, assessors and other staff.  NFI must provide a learning and assessment environment which is free from this unacceptable activity. If a person conducts such activity disciplinary procedures will be taken.

Disciplinary Procedure
NFI expects the behaviour and demeanour of workshop trainees to be of a professional standard and any disruptive behaviour (that inhibits or disrupts the learning process for other trainees) and that is deemed unsuitable may result in exclusion from the workshop. No refunds will be given for exclusion for disruptive behaviour. 

Staff Responsibility for Access and Equity
The principles of social justice will guide all aspects of the course delivery and assessment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Using resources and methods that are inclusive
  • Providing equitable access to facilities and resources
  • Using language that is appropriate to the context.

NFI will market its products with integrity and will not intentionally mislead prospective participants.

Access to Information and Client Services
Individual trainees will have access to view or be provided with a copy of any assessment records upon request. Trainees' information is protected under secure storage and code of conduct of assessors as included in the training package for workplace training and assessment. Record management systems record progressive assessment results and issue qualifications within the timeframes specified in the Training Act. 

Since the introduction of the mandatory USI (Unique Student Identifier) on 1st January 2015, any trainee completing a qualification after this date will be able to obtain a copy of their completed qualification units from ASQA (www.asqa.gov.au).  Any qualification details issued prior to that date is retained by NFI and a copy may be requested from NFI by way of an email or phone request.  NFI may require some form of identification to confirm the identity and address of the enquiring trainee. Any re-issue of a replacement copy of any qualification or transcript incurs a fee of $29.95.  If a scanned copy is held on file there is no fee.

Enrolment, Induction, Course Content and Requirements for Successful Completion
The enrolment form including online enrolment form forwarded is the main source of information for your records and should be completed accurately. Induction into the course includes
safety, content, activities, assessment and identification of your learning style and goals.  In the unlikely event that NFI cannot complete training for trainees currently enrolled, because of insolvency or administration, every attempt will be made to transfer the trainees to another training company offering the same or similar qualifications.  All client records including enrolments and qualifications to date will be forwarded to ASQA (www.asqa.gov.au). Should a third party provider fail to follow through with a course because of insolvency or administration NFI will complete the training on behalf of that third party provider.   

All enrolments are subject to these Terms and Conditions and by commencing this course, the trainee is accepting these Terms and Conditions as outlined above. The trainee further agrees that any issues which require an independent decision to be made by NFI will be brought to the attention of an NFI representative as soon as it becomes known to the trainee.

By commencement of any course, the trainee understands and agrees to abide by the Terms and Conditions set out above.


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