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Newly learned skills and expertise developed as a result of undertaking training will be wasted if nobody knows about them because they have not been effectively marketed.

Marketing is a natural extension of training and at The National Finance Institute, we have combined marketing strategies with creative design, innovative communication techniques and powerful copy to produce improved 'bottom-line results'.

Click on the Mortgage Marketing Handbook graphic below to see a Fact Sheet flyer on our highly recommended marketing handbook and be sure to read some of the testimonials.

The Marketing Handbook offers simple, down-to-earth marketing solutions that are easy to implement and, most importantly, get results!

Marketing Handbook ebook 2013

The Mortgage Marketing Handbook

The Mortgage Marketing Handbook was written and produced by NFI directors, David Garden and Peter Heinrich. The third edition was released in 2013 with hundreds of copies sold.  The 2013 edition is the final edition available at this time.

Click here to access the order form for a hard copy of the Handbook mailed within 7 days - A$189 incl p&h


The Australian Credit Licensing Kit

Our ACL Kits are currently being updated. Please come back in the new financial year.

Real Estate Master

The Pocket Real Estate Master Calculator

The Pocket Real Estate Master calculator helps you easily compare loan options. Find a monthly payment based on different loan amounts or interest rates. Find a loan amount based on a payment your client can afford. Quickly determine the total interest and payments paid and the future value of a home. Cost is $72 + $10 p&h. SOLD OUT, SORRY. YOU MAY FIND SIMILAR THROUGH A GOOGLE SEARCH.

The Pocket Real Estate Master uses easy to recognise keys to help you find solutions to your loan calculations, eg:

  • Payment, Loan Amount, Term, Interest
  • Interest-Only and Future Values
  • Amortization: Principal, Interest and Total Payments
  • Remaining balances
  • Quarterly or non-monthly loans

Click Here to order the Pocket Real Estate Master Calculator if you'd like us to source one for you.


Our webinar series has ended.  Please contact us if you wish to review any of our previous years' webinars.



The Psychology of a Loan;  The 5 Drivers of Revenue Growth;  Efficiency in Business Operations and many other topics.
Please phone 1300 765 400 to discuss your next Professional Broker Seminar Session.  Cost is only $219 pp and sessions can be customised to suit groups' individual requirements.

Additional Expertise ...

Financial Writers Australia has been writing for the financial services industry since 2000. Its unique resource, the Financial Content Library, has been created for busy finance professionals to take away the stress of trying to find relevant information to help build a profile as a professional financial services provider.  The Library contains articles, special features, infographics, quizzes and social cards - all fully researched and available for you to access 24/7 to use in your newsletters, website or social media. The Financial Content Library can be found at: