New release FNS50322 Diploma course is available now.   You can upgrade your Certificate IV to the latest Diploma qualification by enrolling in our Diploma upgrade course.

Our FNS50322 Diploma qualification is available having been updated following compulsory Financial Service Training Package changes, as endorsed by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC).  If you were studying the FNS50320 Diploma course and you were unable to submit your assessments prior to the change, transitions to the new FNS50322 Diploma are available. Transitions may involve some additional study and assessment requirements and a possible extension fee, depending on your enrolment date.

The FNS50322 Diploma course was designed and developed in consultation with industry experts.  This nationally recognised comprehensive course is recognised by the MFAA, FBAA and ASIC and by lenders and aggregators alike.

There are 3 options for studying the Diploma:

  1. Upgrade Diploma - the Certificate IV  is a pre-requisite if choosing the Upgrade Diploma course. The Upgrade Diploma is available for those seeking to broaden the scope of their existing residential broking skills providing additional depth of understanding of risk, sustainability, ethical frameworks and more complex lending.
  2. Upgrade Diploma + Gap Module - if the version of the Certificate IV held is not FNS40821 or FNS40820 then a complementary Gap Training Module will be provided in addition to the Upgrade Diploma course.  This will allow you to update  your essential knowledge of recent compliance changes, for example Best Interests Duty (BID).  The Upgrade Diploma with the Gap Training Module is available for those seeking to broaden the scope of their existing residential broking skills providing additional depth of understanding of risk, sustainability, ethical considerations and more complex lending.
  3. Full Diploma - there are no pre-requisites if choosing the FULL Diploma course. Students will study 2 Modules, the first focuses on residential lending and the second focuses on more complex lending concepts, sustainability and ethical considerations.  Click here for information on the Full Diploma for students not wishing to complete the Certificate IV course separately.

The following 7 units of competency are covered in this FNS50322 Upgrade Diploma course. The remaining 8 competencies required for a Diploma qualification are covered either as a combination of a Gap Training Module Plus Certificate IV OR the FNS40820 or FNS40821 Certificate IV 

  • FNSFMB512 Identify and develop credit options for clients with special financial circumstances
  • FNSFMB513 Present broking options to client with special financial circumstances
  • FNSFMB514 Implement complex loan structures
  • FNSINC514 Apply ethical frameworks and principles to make and act upon decisions
  • FNSRSK511 Undertake risk identification
  • FNSRSK512 Assess risks
  • BSBSUS11 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability

Click here for a Fact Sheet on the Upgrade Diploma course.

Click here for a Fact Sheet on the Full Diploma course.

Click here for the MFAA's education requirements for membership.

Study options and pricing for the Upgrade Diploma:

  • A 2-day live Zoom virtual workshop (small groups to allow for individualised attention, $1145). Click here to see Scheduled Dates
  • Distance learning (online study with printed copy of course manual express mailed), where Cert IV already held, $845
  • Online learning (at home study via NFI's online course platform), where Cert IV already held, $645
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for experienced lenders/loan officers/brokers/consultants, $695 if Cert IV already held (or $895 for Cert IV + Diploma RPL together).
    • Click here for RPL form where a Certificate IV and/or Upgrade Diploma certificate is required
    • Click here for RPL form where a single Full Diploma certificate is required and a Certificate IV is not held nor required .

The study of the Diploma course has been developed for:

  1. People currently working for, or as, a mortgage broker or similar who are looking to formalise or expand their skills in order to offer clients commercial lending options;
  2. People who believe they would enjoy working in the mortgage broking industry and are looking to gain not only the formal qualification but additional knowledge to expand their future company's scope;
  3. People who currently hold a Cert IV and want to undertake the Diploma in order to comply with their aggregator's or the MFAA's  minimum education requirements;
  4. People outside the industry who are considering entering the mortgage broking or lending industry in an advanced capacity in order to have the option of increasing their income from broking.

Completion periods - The structure of our courses is such that the they can be completed as quickly or as slowly as a trainee prefers within the allocated time. 

  • UPGRADE DIPLOMA - Trainees have 6 months, if required, in which to complete the FNS50322 Upgrade Diploma course. This completion period for the Upgrade Diploma assumes the trainee already holds a Certificate IV and may or may not need to complete the Gap Training Module, depending on the version of the Cert IV held.
  • FULL DIPLOMA - Trainees have 12 months, if required, to complete the Full Diploma course.  Full Diploma covers both residential and complex lending/management topics.
  • PACKAGE OPTION - Trainees undertaking the FNS40821 Certificate IV and FNS50322 as a package, will have 6 months to complete the Certificate IV, then an additional 6 months to complete the Diploma, if required.

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Private tuition is available for trainees already enrolled in the Certificate IV or the Diploma of Mortgage Broking. Delivered either by phone or visually by Skype/Zoom/Teams, one of our trainers can be booked for a one-on-one hour of private training. Frequently used by some trainees if experiencing difficulty with their assignments, in particular for the Diploma level assignments. This option is $140.

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