Workshop Schedules

The following are proposed workshop dates for FNS40815 and FNS50315 mortgage broking courses.

Workshop dates are updated regularly. Standard workshop days run from 9am to 5pm.  Venues can be viewed here.

For all workshops, if your business has a group of 4 or more trainees, we can hold a workshop on dates/location to suit, for no extra cost.

Certificate IV workshops are 3 full days (9am-5pm), Upgrade Diploma workshops are 2 full days.  Full Diploma (Cert IV + Upgrade Diploma) is 5 full days.

As this is a blended learning course, revision and assessment tasks are required post workshop attendance.

2018 Workshop Dates Schedule

FNS40815 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking *

– This is the nationally recognised and mandatory Mortgage Consultant Qualifying Certificate

Certificate IV workshops are 3 days.

Full Diploma (5 days) = Certificate IV 3 days + Upgrade Diploma 2 days
Also available via distance learning or via online e-learning, commencing at any time.

Location: Aug 2018 Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Nov 2018 Dec 2018 Jan 2019
Brisbane 6-8/8/2018 8-10/10/2018 3-5/12/2018 tba
Gold Coast
Melbourne 12-14/11/2018 10-12/12/2018 tba
Sydney 27-29/8/2018 24-26/9/2018 22-24/10/2018 19-21/11/2018 17-19/12/2018 tba
Perth 26-28/11/2018 tba
For Cert IV and Diploma workshops required in other locations or in Regional Areas (eg. Wollongong, Townsville, Darwin, Hobart, Cairns, etc.) please phone 1300 765 400.  Workshops can be arranged in other locations provided a minimum of 5 enrolments are received.  Dates are flexible and workshops can be held for individual groups as requested. Email us here with your group enquiry.

 FNS50315 (Upgrade) DIPLOMA of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management

Diploma Upgrade workshops are 2 days (Assume already hold or are studying for a Certificate IV*)
Also available via distance learning or via online e-learning, commencing at any time.

 LocationL Aug 2018 Sep 2018 Oct 2018 Nov 2018 Dec 2018 Jan 2019
Brisbane 9-10/8/2018 6-7/12/2018 tba
Gold Coast
Melbourne 23-24/8/2018 13-14/9/2018 15-16/11/2018 13-14/12/2018 tba
Sydney 30-31/8/2018 27-28/9/2018 25-26/10/2018 22-23/11/2018 20-21/12/2018 tba
Perth 29-30/11/2018 tba
If your group is interested in having a workshop held in a regional area, please email your expression of interest and in some instances for groups we can bring a workshop to your area.
# = revised date

Workshop information is correct at time of publication. Workshops may not proceed if insufficient student enrolments are received. However, NFI requires a minimum of only 4 students registered to conduct scheduled Workshops above.

Click here for details on some of our venues.

Group enquiries are welcome and dates, times and locations can be arranged to suit group needs.
Email if you wish to check availability for your group’s needs.

Course Code Upgrades – The FNS40811 and FNS50311 were updated as from 3/10/15. NFI updated their courses accordingly, making the new codes FNS40815 and FNS50315.   Recognition will remain the same by all bodies including MFAA, FBAA, ASIC, etc. and will provide trainees with the latest version of both the Certificate IV and Diploma courses.

Note: Students who have completed their Cert IV with a different RTO, without an FNSCUS501 unit, must undertake this unit with NFI or show proof of current knowledge of this unit.

NFI provides face-to-face training workshops to assist students in their understanding of the topics required to obtain a qualification. Pre-workshop reading is not required before trainees attend these workshops however post-workshop revision and completion of assessments is required. The workshop time frame does not define the total duration of course hours and assessment completion time.


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