Wholesale Mortgage Training

Customised mortgage broker training options are for larger mortgage companies or franchisors that may need in-house training for multiple students.

At The National Finance Institute we pride ourselves on building positive partnerships with our corporate clients. We understand that effective and efficient training of your team can lead to a competitive advantage over rival firms. For this reason, we have developed our courses to be customised, flexible and organisation-specific.

To help look after your ‘bottom-line’, any training program is provided under a reduced pricing system. After all, if you are going to provide us with multiple students, you would expect a volume discount!  We calculate the pricing on a case-by-case basis, taking account of factors such as the number of students, training venue availability and whether a workshop is to be by Zoom or face-to-face.

There are three main options under the wholesale training program:

Option 1: NFI trainer with your customisation of NFI course material

Under this option, your students attend a training session conducted by an NFI trainer. Your team can receive an optionally customised course guide utilising your company logo on the cover and a section of company-specific information inside. Often the task of training new mortgage brokers is left to managers or owners who have very limited time remaining after undertaking the demands of operating a business. The opportunity-cost of time spent in “non-producing mode” when attempting to train new staff will generally be far greater than our competitive course fees. This option may be ideal for lenders, expanding brokerages, aggregators or franchise groups with limited in-house training options and varying student training needs. For example, you may be in the early phases of franchising and want to focus more on marketing and software development. It could be ideal for you to outsource your nationally recognised Cert IV or Diploma training to NFI, with the optional customisation of the course material to reflect your branding.

Option 2: Your trainer, with NFI customised course material

With option 2, we license the course material to your company for your use internally. You act as a contractor to The National Finance Institute to provide accredited training programs. A suitably qualified member of your staff is essential (eg. TAE), and they deliver the training and conduct the assessments on our behalf in accordance with our policies and procedures. We will provide the necessary training procedures and forms to ensure your chosen trainer, who acts as our external representative in your company, has the required ability and resources to meet our training and compliance standards. For example, a large aggregation company may decide to offer new recruits the Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking, but have one of their own TAE-qualified staff do the training.

Option 3: Fully customised corporate training

If neither of the first two options provides a suitable solution to your training needs, we can build a completely tailored training program that fits your business’ exact requirements. We’ll bring the training of your choice to a location of your choice and deliver a fully customised training solution. For example, you may believe your mortgage brokers or lending officers are not successful in forming strategic alliances with third party referrers, or perhaps they aren’t utilising your mortgage software to assist in closing sales – we can help!

The National Finance Institute can design and implement a customised training program to overcome your training needs. We can assist in identifying the problem and develop a short-course training solution to increase efficiency.

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