Australian Credit Licensing (ACL)

Licensing and Registration


The National Consumer Credit Protection Act (NCCP Act) is the key legislation passed by the Commonwealth taking over the regulation of credit from 1 July 2010.

Businesses conducting a credit activity must be registered or be appointed as a credit representative of a registered business.  Credit activities include finance broking, lending, leasing, servicing and managing NCCP Act regulated loans.

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The following information is as summarised by the MFAA:

How does licensing affect day to day business for brokers

The basic new requirements are:

  • you must conduct enquiries to assess whether a loan is unsuitable.  This involves a three stage process:
    • make reasonable enquiries about the borrower’s requirements and objectives
    • make reasonable enquiries about the borrower’s financial situation
    • take reasonable steps to verify that financial situation
  • you must ensure that borrowers are not disadvantaged by any conflict of interests
  • comparison rate schedules are abolished (but you must still show comparison rates in advertisements that mention repayments or interest rates)
  • you must be registered/licensed or appointed as a credit representative under an organisation’s licence
  • you must ensure that any referrer who is not registered or a credit representative discloses to the borrower any commission payable to the referrer (it’s a good idea for you to make this disclosure)

The NCCP Act also imposes the following general conduct obligations:

  • conduct business efficiently, honestly, and fairly
  • comply with any conditions imposed on their registration
  • comply with all credit legislation
  • take reasonable steps to ensure your representatives (this includes employees as well as credit representatives) comply with all credit legislation.

Book Keeping

  • Breach register  – There is no obligation to maintain a breach register until you are licensed, but it would be a good idea.
  • Loan assessments – You need to develop a system for assessing whether a loan is ‘not unsuitable’ and a system for recording that information.  As from 2011 you will need to provide a copy of that assessment on request.


Register online yourself at

Before you complete your registration, please check the following:

  1. Determine which entity you are registering as the licensee.
  2. Depending on the entity in point 1, check all business registration details are correct on relevant government websites e.g. if a company, check the company’s details on are correct.
  3. If registering as a company, make sure all Directors details on are correct.
  4. Obtain police and bankruptcy checks for all “owners” of the entity eg. for a company then checks for the directors; or for a partnership then checks on the partners, etc.
  5. Ensure that the entity is a member of an external disputes resolution scheme e.g. AFCA (