Terms and Conditions

All enrolments are subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

Trainee - An individual who enrols into a course or event with NFI. The course or event can be accredited or non-accredited training. A trainee can also be referred to as a Student. The term Trainee does NOT infer the person studying is under any traineeship or apprenticeship arrangement.

NFI Classes - NFI offers the following delivery methods:

  • Online
  • Distance Learning / Correspondence
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) or Credit Transfer
  • Face to face or Zoom workshops for FNS40821 and FNS50322 courses (offered Australia-wide).

Dates: Enrolment date - this is the date that NFI receives an enrolment (online, soft or hardcopy enrolment).

Commencement date - this is the date that the trainee is sent login details, course material or attends face to face training (whichever event occurs first).

Completion date - the completion date is the date the trainee is scheduled to complete their studies based upon NFI standard completion period. The completion date is also amended if a trainee applies for and receives an extension.

Deadline date - the deadline date is the same as the Completion date or Due date.

Certificate/Qualification - is the accredited document that is issued to the trainee upon successfully completing all of the requirements for the qualification. Qualifications are issued within 5 business days of the trainee having their last assessment graded. Certificates/Qualifications cannot be issued without a trainee having a Unique Student Identifier (USI). Exemption to this is if the trainee is undertaking training outside of Australia with an overseas address.

Statement of Attainment (SofA) - is the accredited document that is issued to a trainee that has partially completed the requirements of a qualification eg. the trainee may have enrolled into a single unit of competence from a qualification. A Statement of Attainment is issued within 30 days of the trainee having their last assessment grade or where NFI is notified that a trainee is no longer continuing with the remainder of their studies. They cannot be issued without a trainee having a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

Cancelled trainee - a trainee may have their status changed to cancelled or suspended for a number of reasons such as failed payments, exceeding their enrolment due date or being in breach of NFI policies and procedures.

Completed trainee - this term refers to when a trainee has completed the required studies that they have enrolled into (this may result in a full qualification or a statement of attainment).

USI - the Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a government issued number given to each trainee undertaking accredited training. A USI is to be created or retrieved by the trainee through the government website www.usi.gov.au. Trainees with a non-Australian address, ie. studying in non-Australian locations, are not required to supply a USI to NFI.

Enrolment, Induction, Course Content and Requirements for Successful Completion - the completion of the enrolment form (online or hardcopy) is the main source of information for trainee records and should be completed accurately. Prior to enrolment or the commencement of training, NFI will provide information to the trainee about their chosen course. New trainees are also referred to NFI's Trainee Handbook for further information. In the unlikely event that NFI cannot complete training for trainees currently enrolled, because of insolvency or administration, every attempt will be made to transfer all trainees to another training company offering the same or similar qualifications. All trainee records including enrolments and qualifications to date will be forwarded to ASQA (www.asqa.gov.au). Should a third party provider fail to follow through with a course because of insolvency or administration NFI will complete the training on behalf of that third party provider.

Qualification Duration - Studies can be completed at a trainee’s own pace within the completion period advised by NFI to the student and earlier than any enrolment duration provided by NFI:

Qualification:Duration / Completion Period:
FNS40821 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking
  • 6 months duration for the full qualification·
  • 3 day workshop, 9am-5pm - trainees have six months in which to return the assessment tasks
FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management - Upgrade Diploma
  • 6 months duration for the full qualification·
  • 2 day workshop, 9am-5pm - trainees have six months in which to return the assessment tasks
FNS50322 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management - Full Diploma
  • 12 months duration for the full qualification·
  • 5 day workshop, 9am-5pm - trainees have 12 months in which to return the assessment tasks
Combined enrolment of FNS40821 and FNS50322
  • When a trainee enrols in both qualification at the same time, they are given the same commencement date for both classes. A 6 month completion date for the FNS40821 and 12 months for the FNS50322
FNS40122 Certificate IV in Credit Management
  • 12 month duration for full qualification·
  • When enrolling in single units of competence 3 months per unit of competence
BSB30120 Certificate III in Business
  • 12 months duration for full qualification·
  • When enrolling in single units of competence 3 months per unit of competence
BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
  • 12 months duration for full qualification·
  • When enrolling in single units of competence 3 months per unit of competence
BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management
  • 12 months duration for full qualification·
  • When enrolling in single units of competence 3 months per unit of competence
FNS41820 Certificate IV in Financial Services
  • 12 month duration for full qualification·
  • When enrolling in single units of competence 3 months per unit of competence

Minimum Workshop Class Size - at their discretion, NFI require a minimum of 4 participants to run a workshop course. Should there be less than 4, an alternative course date will be offered to the participants enrolled or fees will be refunded or distance learning or online e-learning may be chosen.

Assessments - upon successful completion of studies or at the end of the enrolment period, the following conditions apply:

  • If the assessment tasks have been completed for a full qualification and you have been deemed competent for each assessment, you will receive a certificate and academic transcript.
  • If the assessment tasks have been completed for one or more units of competence (and where the combination of these units of competences does not meet the full qualification requirements) you will receive a Statement of Attainment.
  • If you have completed assessment tasks and been assessed as 'competency not yet achieved' (CNA), then you will be able to resubmit/reattempt these tasks twice more ie. 3 attempts in total. Resubmissions must be within 21 days of advice of CNA.
  • If, within the enrolment period, you have not submitted any assessment tasks, nor applied for an extension, you will be withdrawn from your course and a result of No Result Withdrawn will be recorded. You then have the option to re-enrol at a reduced cost.
  • If you have not submitted any assessment tasks, you will receive a reminder email prior to the course expiry date. This email will confirm the current status of your studies.

Fees: GST - courses of the nature offered by NFI as adult education entering the industry are GST-free. If GST is applicable to any products it will be inclusive in the advertised prices.

Enrolment Fee - enrolment will only be considered complete and a person considered a trainee when a payment has been received by NFI. All fees are listed in Australian dollars. Accepted payment methods include all credit/debit cards, cash, cheque, money order or direct deposit. Certificates will not be issued to a completed trainee until full payment has been made.

Payment Plans - NFI offers a payment plan option for trainees enrolling into training services. Payment plan payments can be spread over two, three or four months. There is a one-off administration fee of $40 charged to establish the payment plan but there are no interest charges added to the monthly payments. To work out the instalment amounts divide your course fee by your term (4 months maximum term) then add $40 to your first instalment. Defaults on payments incur a $10 default fee. Under section 18(E)(1) of the Privacy Act 1988 NFI may give information about you to a credit reporting agency where NFI is a credit provider in the form of a Payment Plan or terms or instalment options and payment is overdue by more than 60 days or following notice given to show that your intention is not to comply with your credit obligations.

Course transfer - NFI understands that it may be appropriate for some trainees to pursue an alternative course after commencing their studies or to move the dates of their scheduled face to face or Zoom studies. Trainees cannot transfer their enrolment in an NFI course to another person however, a trainee can request to transfer in the following circumstances provided the administration fee is paid (see fees):

  • Certificate levels eg. transfer from Diploma to Certificate IV level
  • Alternative stream eg. mortgage broking to leadership and management
  • Delivery mode of online to face-to-face/Zoom workshop if available
  • Delivery mode of face-to-face/Zoom workshop to online/distance
  • Workshop dates transfer ie. face-to-face or Zoom scheduled workshops:
  • A request made to transfer to another scheduled workshop with 7 or more days' notice of the commencement of the first scheduled day - no fee
  • A request made to transfer to another scheduled workshop with 3 to 6 days' notice of the commencement of the first scheduled day - $45 administration fee
  • A request made to transfer to another scheduled workshop with less than 3 days' notice of the commencement of the first scheduled day - $75 administration fee
  • A 'no show' trainee - a trainee that is scheduled to attend a workshop session and does not attend that session and with no notification to NFI of their absence prior to the workshop commencement - will be considered as withdrawn and there will be no refund of fees paid. An option to re-enrol will be offered.
  • Online / Distance / Correspondence / RPL transfers
    • If a trainee requests to transfer from a course offered online / distance - this will incur a transfer administration fee of $45.
    • A request made to transfer from course offered online / distance to a RPL enrolment where login details have already been provided - $100 administration fee (a refund of the difference of any fees paid less the administration fee, will be paid in accordance with NFI’s refund policy)
    • A request made to transfer from a pre-booked Workshop back to online/distance learning study, after a workshop place has been reserved, where online access has already commenced, transfer fee of $100.  Difference in course fee paid may be refunded if 7 days' notice provided.
    • For courses undertaken on a unit by unit basis - any request for transfers to a different course or unit must be received within 5 working days of the original login being issued or a transfer administration fee of $49 per unit will apply.

To request a transfer a trainee must provide a credit/debit card authorisation or phone payment to NFI by calling 1300 765 400. Things to consider prior to applying for course transfer

  • A change of specialisation is considered a change of course (e.g. from Mortgage Broking to Leadership and Management)
  • Trainees should be aware that transferring to another course may cause a change in their total tuition fees.
  • Once a course transfer has been approved the trainee will be given a new course deadline.
  • Trainees who wish to transfer to another NFI course must satisfy the entry requirements for the course for which they are applying as per the Trainees Selection, Fair Treatment and Equal Benefits and Opportunity Policy.

Course material relating to transfers - if a trainee requests to transfer from one course to another and course material has been dispatched to the trainee, the trainee is responsible for the purchase of course material for the course to which they transfer. Course material can be returned to NFI if the transfer has been approved but must be in the condition in which it was sent to the trainee (unmarked/contain no notations or bends). The cost of the postage for returning course material in a 'course transfer' arrangement is to be met by the trainee. If the request to transfer from one course to another occurs when the course content has been updated or if the qualification has been superseded, then the trainee must purchase new course material to meet requirements, where appropriate. Courses will be transitioned in accordance with NFI's Transition Policy.

Extensions - an extension is available to be purchased to supplement the time allowed to complete any course. When applying for an extension and the course deadline has already lapsed, the course extension timeframe is calculated from the original course deadline or last deadline given from the last extension and not from when the trainee applies for the extension. Trainees should either complete an Extension Request form or make payment through the NFI website at www.financeinstitute.com.au/extension. Once the extension has been approved and payment confirmed the trainee will receive a revised completion date and receipt via email. Extension options include:

  • Single course or unit - 1 month additional time - $50
  • Single course or unit - 3 months additional time - $99
  • Single course or unit - 6 months additional time - $198

If the request for an extension occurs when there has been a significant update in course content or if the qualification has been superseded, the trainee can request new course material be mailed which would be in addition to the extension fee. Online eLearning trainees will have no course material fee.

Transitions from a superseded qualification, due to Government updates in the Financial Services or Business Training Package, may affect the duration of extensions possible. Students who are required to transition to the new qualification to maintain their studies of a qualification will be advised of the additional assessment requirements at the time of transition.

Guarantee of Services - NFI is committed to providing the required training and assessment services necessary for trainees to complete the requirements for the courses or services into which they enrol. Under the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) 2015, Standard 7.3 NFI will not collect fees in excess of $1500 prior to the trainee commencement date. Where the total course fee exceeds this amount the balance of payment will become payable on the commencement date.

Re-assessment fee - trainees are permitted a total of 3 attempts at each assessment task. In the event a trainee is deemed Competency Not Achieved (CNA) ie. fail on their 3rd attempt, the trainee will incur a $99 re assessment fee for a 4th assessment attempt, if requested by the trainee. Where there is an alternative assessment task available the trainee will be given this to complete. In the event that the trainee is deemed CNA on the 4th assessment attempt and the trainee still wishes to pursue the qualification, the trainee will be required to re-enrol.

Re-Enrolment - if a re-enrolment is requested by the student, a trainee will be given 6 months to complete their studies. Any assessment tasks that have been deemed competent in the original enrolment and which are considered equivalent within the new course, will be recognised and these assessment tasks will not have to be undertaken again. Re-enrolment fees applicable are:

  • Workshop (if applicable) - $695
  • Distance learning - $495 (updated material will be forwarded by mail if required)
  • Online e-learning - $395 (login instructions will be forwarded by email)

Plagiarism and Cheating re-assessment fee - in the event that it is determined that cheating or plagiarism has occurred in an assessment submitted by trainee, the trainee will be required to pay a $99 re-assessment fee (for the assessment task in question). Where an alternative assessment task is in place this will be given to the trainee to complete. If it is determined that the re assessment task has been plagiarised or copied then the trainee would need to re-enrol.   Click here to view our Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism policy.

Reprint of Qualification/Statement of Attainment - a hardcopy replacement copy of an issued Certificate or Transcript or Statement of Attainment has a fee of $29.95 (each).

Invoices and Receipts - tax invoices/receipts will be issued by email on payment of fees or subsequent to the final payment of any instalment arrangement. Eftpos facilities are available at the premises of NFI. If payment terms are accepted from a business, terms are 30 days from date of invoice issuance. There are no additional surcharge fees payable for debit/credit card transactions regardless of card type.

Changes to course fees and additional costs - in the unlikely event that fees and charges are amended any additional costs to training will not be passed on to existing trainees who have commenced training or to those who have just enrolled under the previous fee structure. Any changes to course or service fees will be amended on the NFI website, course brochures, fact sheets and Trainee Handbook. New enrolments will have the latest fees information available and new fees will be payable once published.

Changes made to course timetables, staff and delivery sequence - NFI reserves the right to make changes where necessary to timetables, delivery sequence, training hours and other details beyond their control that may affect study schedules. Trainees will be advised of any proposed changes as soon as practicable through email.

Refund Policy - trainees who wish to cancel their enrolment will be eligible for a refund in the following circumstances:

  • NFI withdraws or cancels the course and no suitable program can be offered within a month of the initial date;
  • Significant illness (or injury) to the trainee which makes it impossible for the trainee to complete the program. Such applications must be supported by appropriate medical documentation and certificates.

Circumstances in which a refund will not be granted:

  • Change of mind
  • Change of employment or working hours
  • Domestic relocation
  • Financial hardship
  • Failed attempts at assessment
  • Retrenchment (a deferral may be granted)
  • Where academic misconduct and plagiarism has been determined by NFI.
  • Where non-academic misconduct has been determined by NFI
  • No show for a workshop on the scheduled first day of the workshop
  • Non approval of outcomes determined by Recognition of Prior Learning, where an application has been determined by an assessor (can transfer to study)
  • Where a course or qualification requirement has been updated as identified by www.training .gov.au
  • Where a student on a payment plan or having paid in full, withdraws or cancels their attendance at a workshop, within 3 business days of the workshop commencement (ie. instalment or payment made is forfeited). NFI will hold any payment made in credit towards a subsequent workshop as listed on the NFI workshop schedule.

Any other reason a trainee submits as grounds for a refund will be assessed by NFI on a case by case basis to a maximum of 50% of the original full course fee paid less the administration refund processing fee of 10% of the enrolment fee that has been paid.  Trainees must send an email to enquiries@financeinstitute.com.au within 7 days of their enrolment to request a refund. Supporting documentation must be provided to support the exceptional circumstances. The determination of refunds will at all times be at the discretion of The National Finance Institute. A decision will be communicated to trainees via email within 5 working days of NFI receiving the refund request.

Payment of Refunds - trainees who have been granted a refund due to Exceptional Circumstances will receive their determined refund amount, less an administration processing fee of 10% of the enrolment fee that has been paid. Refund payments will be paid within 30 days of the refund being approved. Refunds agreed by NFI will only be paid to the person or body (on behalf of the trainee) from whom the original payment was received.

Debt Recovery - NFI will follow and utilise the process of debt recovery as outlined in its Debt Recovery policy. NFI has the right to list any un-recovered debts with a third party and this may affect a person's credit rating.

Course Material - access to the online course material is provided to workshop trainees for their first day of attendance at their face-to-face or zoom training workshop. If completing the course by distance learning, trainees will receive their course manual by mail within 2 weeks of enrolment via post. Online trainees have immediate access or within 48 hours to their training course following processing of payment and receipt of their login details. It is not permitted for material to be copied or used or for login details to be shared or used by any person other than the enrolled person.

Certificates - certification for accredited training programs offered by The National Finance Institute as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) are issued in accordance with the Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTO) 2015. Upon successful completion of the course requirements trainees are entitled to a nationally recognised qualification.

Third Party Training - currently, Walker and Miller Training Services are under an arrangement with NFI to facilitate training services and use NFI training material. The material may be white labelled as Walker and Miller but NFI remains the RTO (Registered Training Organisation). Preparation of the material, marking of assessments and issue of certificates is completed by NFI. The Terms and Conditions of the course are as found on this website but may have additional terms and conditions issued by a third party organisation. NFI is responsible for the quality of training and assessment and the issuing of all qualifications and statements of attainment. Should any changes in the arrangements between a third party provider and NFI occur, NFI will communicate those changes to all trainees.

Accreditations - if applicable, accreditation with lenders is at the discretion of the individual institutions.

Recognition of Prior Learning - trainees may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL). RPL gives you recognition for what you have already learned through previous studies, work or life's experiences. You may receive credit for a part, or parts of a course. You will need to provide evidence to support your application. The fee for applying for Recognition of Prior Learning varies between $595 and $995 depending on your chosen qualification. You may email NFI at enquiries@financeinstitute.com.au and we will forward RPL information to you or a pdf file outlining the RPL procedure is available on the NFI website under Forms. RPL fees can be credited towards course study if an applicant's submission is not approved or not approved in full.

Credit Transfer - trainees may be eligible for Credit Transfer if prior study has been undertaken in a unit or units of study. Credit Transfer is available automatically to those who have documented evidence of achievement in equivalent units. Credit Transfer means the trainee may not need to undertake the same unit if that unit has been successfully completed previously.

When a student presents evidence of a superseded equivalent unit of competency for credit transfer for the purpose of reducing the amount of study and/or assessment tasks required to achieve a qualification or skill set, if the training package has determined the unit of competency to be a superseded equivalent unit, a provider can grant credit for that unit.  For any units that have been superseded twice or more despite still being deemed equivalent, NFI may conduct a mapping analysis against current units to ensure that the competency is still relevant.

Combining Credit Transfer (CT) with RPL and study - trainees who enrol in a course or multiple units utilising a mixture of Credit Transfer, RPL and study must determine which of these options relates to each unit at the time of enrolment. If a student commences to study any gap units having had their enrolment determined that gap study is required, then the student must remain with this study method of achieving this unit. Students cannot transfer from study to RPL unless this is the intention indicated upon first enrolment. If a student does wish to transfer from study to RPL then the normal RPL fee and application form will apply for this mode transfer.

Language, Literacy, Numeracy (LLN), Disability and Support - a trainee may be checked for having the appropriate minimum level of LLN to identify if any referral assistance is required. Assistance can be provided at other RTOs or with external tutors who offer services at additional costs. Usually the facilitator can allocate someone to assist based on the student's specific needs. The facilitator will notify if specific assistance is required. In the case of a trainee having a specific disability we would respectfully request that you advise NFI prior to commencement or workshop attendance so that it can be confirmed that the venue, materials, facility or amenity can cater to the specific needs. This advice can be given by a note on the enrolment form, telephone or email and confidentiality is ensured.

Unique Student Identifier (USI) - from 1 January 2015, NFI may only issue a recognised qualification or statement of attainment to a trainee, after that trainee has provided NFI with a verified USI. A USI must be verified, prior to any qualification or statement of attainment being issued. To avoid delays in issuing certification documentation, trainees should ensure that they apply for and advise NFI of their USI at the time of enrolment. USIs can be created or retrieved at www.usi.gov.au.

Welfare and Guidance Services - as courses are commercial fee-for-service there are no discounts for health-care cards, pensions, etc. Some guidance on CV circulation to enhance job prospects can be provided on request. Employment service bureaus or Job Network Providers may also be approached by the trainee regarding the possibility of financial assistance.

Complaint/Appeal Procedure - NFI has a complaints, grievance and appeals procedure. Please contact administration on 1300 765 400 for further details or see Dispute Resolutions or the Academic Appeals process on the NFI web site.

Bullying, Harassment, Victimisation - legislation now prohibits the bullying, harassment or victimisation of fellow students, teachers, assessors and other staff. NFI must provide a learning and assessment environment which is free from this unacceptable activity. If a person conducts such activity disciplinary procedures will be taken.

Disciplinary Procedure - NFI expects the behaviour and demeanour of workshop trainees to be of a professional standard and any disruptive behaviour (that inhibits or disrupts the learning process for other trainees) and that is deemed unsuitable may result in exclusion from the workshop. No refunds will be given for exclusion for disruptive behaviour.

Academic Misconduct and Plagiarism - academic misconduct or plagiarism occurs when someone else's words, ideas, or findings are reproduced and presented as a trainee's own, without proper acknowledgment. It includes attempts by trainee to cheat or act dishonestly in an examination, test, assignment, essay, or any other assessment task. Trainees who are found cheating or guilty of plagiarism in any form of assessment will be deemed CNA -Competency Not Achieved/ failed for the relevant Unit of Competency or full assessment task, as applicable. All cases of cheating or plagiarism are recorded on the student database system and remain permanently on the trainee's file. Trainees will need to re-sit an exam or redo in full any assessment where plagiarism has been identified. Trainees found cheating a second time will receive a formal written warning from the CEO and will have a final attempt to re-submit assessment tasks as their own work. Continued academic misconduct or involvement in plagiarism will result in expulsion and refunds will not be considered. NFI reserves the right in Academic misconduct and plagiarism cases to notify the National Training Authorities and relevant professional bodies of these circumstances. In the event that it is determined that cheating or plagiarism has occurred in an assessment submitted by trainee, the trainee will be required to pay a $99 re-assessment fee (for the assessment task in question). Where an alternative assessment task is in place this will be given to the trainee to complete. If it is determined that the re assessment task has been plagiarised or copied then the trainee would need to re-enrol.

Staff Responsibility for Access and Equity - the principles of social justice will guide all aspects of the course delivery and assessment. This includes but is not limited to using resources and methods that are inclusive; providing equitable access to facilities and resources; using language that is appropriate to the context.

Marketing - NFI will market its products with integrity and will not intentionally mislead prospective participants.

Access to Information - individual trainees will have access to view or be provided with a copy of any assessment records upon request. Trainees' information is protected in secure storage facilities. NFI's record management systems record progressive assessment results and provide suitable feedback to the trainees. Since the introduction of the mandatory USI on 1/1/2015 any trainee completing a qualification after this date will be able to obtain a copy of their completed qualification units from ASQA (www.asqa.gov.au). Any qualification details issued prior to that date is retained by NFI and a copy may be requested from NFI by way of an email or phone request. NFI may require some form of identification to confirm the identity and address of the enquiring trainee. Any re-issue of a replacement copy of any qualification or transcript incurs a fee of $29.95 each. If a scanned copy is held on file there is no fee.

Centrelink Approved Programs - NFI courses at a Certificate IV or III level have been approved by Centrelink (the Department of Human Services) so that eligible individuals can seek financial assistance whilst studying full time with NFI. Study can be undertaken at any time eg. nights and weekends allowing individuals to study when they want and to complete studies in a flexible environment. Individuals are responsible for notifying Centrelink upon completion of their studies. NFI is bound by Centrelink requirements to advise Centrelink of student progress as requested by Centrelink.

Certificate Issuance Policy - NFI will only issue a Certificate or Statement of Attainment contained on its scope of registration to persons that have completed all assessment requirements for the qualification or unit/s of competency. NFI's scope of registration is maintained on the training.gov.au website. NFI will issue Certificates or Statement of Attainments no later than 30 days after the trainee has been assessed as having successfully completed all assessment requirements. NFI utilises the trainee's enrolment form and the unit chooser form, to establish the trainee's enrolment intent. When a trainee is enrolling on a unit by unit of competence basis but indicates on the unit chooser form that they intend to complete further units of competence, NFI will confirm with the trainee their intent of continuing further units of competency before a Statement of Attainment is issued.

Training Package Transition - NFI will manage the transition of superseded training package qualifications on its scope of registration within 12 months of being released on the training .gov.au website.

Teach out Process - NFI will not accept new enrolments after the specified transition date listed in the Training Package. NFI will provide advice to trainees regarding the nature of the changes to the unit(s) and qualification and the timetable for these changes to be implemented. Trainees that have not completed superseded units/qualification by the required transition date will be transferred to the replacement unit/s. NFI will not issue Statement of Attainments or Qualifications after the transition date of the new Training Package.

Privacy Policy - NFI's Privacy Policy ensures a trainee's right to privacy as it is recognised that any personal information collected about trainees will only be used for the purposes indicated in NFI's policy. It is important that trainees are confident that any personal information collected or received by NFI will be treated with appropriate respect ensuring protection of personal information. NFI is bound by and committed to supporting the Australian Privacy Principles (APP). The primary purpose in collecting information is to fulfil NFI's business commitments to trainees and the Department of Education, Training & Employment and ASQA. Under the Data Provision Requirements 2012, NFI is required to collect personal information about you and to disclose that personal information to the National Centre for Vocational Education Research Ltd (NCVER). Your personal information (including the personal information contained on within your enrolment information and your training activity data may be used or disclosed by NFI for statistical, regulatory and research purposes. NFI may need to disclose your personal information for these purposes to third parties, including: School - if you are a secondary student undertaking VET, including a school-based apprenticeship or traineeship; Employer - if you are enrolled in training paid by your employer; Commonwealth and State or Territory government departments and authorised agencies; NCVER; Organisations conducting student surveys; and Researchers.

Personal information disclosed to NCVER may be used or disclosed for the following purposes: Issuing a VET Statement of Attainment or VET Qualification, and populating Authenticated VET Transcripts; Facilitating statistics and research relating to education, including surveys; understanding how the VET market operates, for policy, workforce planning and consumer information; and administering VET, including program administration, regulation, monitoring and evaluation. You may receive an NCVER student survey which may be administered by an NCVER employee, agent or third party contractor. You may opt out of the survey at the time of being contacted. NCVER will collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), the VET Data Policy and all NCVER policies and protocols (including those published on NCVER's website at www.ncver.edu.au).

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions - All enrolments are subject to these Terms and Conditions and by commencing this course, the trainee is accepting these Terms and Conditions along with information outlined in the Trainee Handbook. The trainee further agrees that any issues which require an independent decision to be made by NFI will be brought to the attention of an NFI representative as soon as it becomes known to the trainee.