Our webinar series has now ended and no future webinars are planned at this stage.

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Social Media for Mortgage Brokers 

It seems everywhere we look, someone is spouting the benefits of social media (especially on social media). So what is it? What makes it tick? I will show you this is not just for kids and teens, but a measurable and cost effective channel to build business. Most importantly we will answer how can you use Social Media to convert new clients.

This webinar will highlight the key social media platforms of influence and how to add new activity in to your sales funnel. It will include planning, strategy, time considerations, content marketing and your wider digital presence. The goal will be to connect the dots between fuzzy social media posts in to sticky real world clients. We will also explore supportive channels like digital advertising and viral video, to show how a well-balanced, digital ecosystem can elevate you above the noise to success in the new electronic era.

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