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All training courses are not the same! Our recognised training courses provide a balance between theory and real-life practical skills to deliver results that can be immediately applied in the ‘real world’. We believe this is an important key to success in any industry. The National Finance Institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 31203) and a full member of the MFAA.  Choose from mortgage broking, bookkeeping, accounting or management – all courses are nationally recognised.  Overseas students, who hold a student visa issued by the Australian Government, are not eligible to register with us.

The NFI team have worked with and researched many of Australia’s most successful finance industry professionals – the knowledge and findings gained from these experiences have been incorporated into our courses. If you’re seeking more than just the qualification, our training courses will deliver for you. Read some of the comments we’ve received in our TESTIMONIALS

What is the USI?

If you intend to enrol in a course, you will need to create for yourself a USI – a Unique Student Identifier (number) and let us know what it is. No matter which institution you choose, a USI will be required. It is a compulsory Government requirement for all students studying any accredited course in Australia. Click here to watch a You Tube video of how you can do this. Then let us know your number when you enrol. You can Click here to create your USI now.


  • FNS40821 Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking – this nationally recognised qualifying certificate course is for those seeking formal qualification as a mortgage broker. Recognised by the MFAA, FBAA, ASIC, lenders and aggregators. Options: 3-day Zoom Workshop; Distance Learning; Online E-learning; or RPL. Online e-learning $695 fully inclusive
  • FNS50320 Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management – this nationally recognised Diploma course is for individuals seeking advanced knowledge and skills that are required to be a professional finance or mortgage broker, offering services which may include commercial lending. There are course completion options:
    • Upgrade Diploma – suitable for individuals who currently already hold the Certificate IV qualification and are seeking a higher qualification
      Options: Face-to-face (Zoom) Workshops; Distance Learning; Online E-learning; RPL. Online e-learning $645 fully inclusive, or
    • Full Diploma – suitable for individuals who do not have a Certificate IV qualification and require only a Diploma qualification.
      Options: Face-to-face (Zoom) Workshops; Distance Learning; Online E-learning; or RPL. Online e-learning $1049 fully inclusive
  • FNS41820 Certificate IV in Financial Services – this nationally recognised Cert IV course is intended to provide a flexible general purpose pathway for those looking to enter or already in the financial services industry looking to formalise their skills. It is intended to meet the training needs of employees with roles that involve working across a range of duties in the financial services sector where a specialist qualification may not be the most suitable qualification. It contains 13 units.  Options: Online E-learning; Distance Learning; or RPL. Online e-learning $1445 fully inclusive
  • FNS40120 Certificate IV in Credit Management – This qualification is the industry recommended pathway for persons typically employed as credit officers, collection officers, team leaders and supervisors providing an intermediate understanding of credit management functions. Trainees undertaking this qualification may wish to use it as part of their pathway towards the higher qualification of the Diploma of Financial Services (Banking). It is an excellent extension to other FNS/mortgage broking courses for those wishing to target larger financial institutions in their career goals. Options: Online E-Learning; Distance learning; or RPL. Online e-learning $1445 fully inclusive
  • FNS40217 Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping
    The Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping FNS40217 is a nationally recognised qualification that’s ideal for aspiring and practising bookkeepers and BAS (Business Activity Statement) agents.
    Options: Online E-learning; Distance learning; or RPL. Online e-learning $1650 or $165 per unit
  • FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting
    The Diploma of Accounting FNS50217 course has 11 units and a Skills Set of 7 units (pre-requisites).
    Enrol in the full course or in one unit at a time.
    Options: Online E-learning; Distance learning; or RPL. Online e-learning $2050 or $205 per unit
  • FNSSS00014 Accounting Principles Skill Set
    The FNSSS00014 Accounting Principles Skill Set contains 7 units. The Accounting Principles Skill Set is an entry requirement to FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting qualification. If you have completed Certificate IV in Accounting (FNS40615) or Certificate IV in Bookkeeping (FNS40215) or a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping (FNS40217) then you may already be eligible to enrol in the FNS50217 Diploma of Accounting and not required to complete Accounting Principles Skills Set.
    Enrol in the full Skill Set or in one unit at a time.
    Options: Online E-learning; Distance learning; or RPL. Online e-learning $750 or $165 per unit
  • FNSSS00004 BAS Agent Registration Skill Set
    The BAS Agent Registration Skill Set is a 2 unit Skill Set which is for individuals working in the accounting or finance industry needing a formal BAS and payroll qualification. This 2-unit Skill Set is nationally recognised and meets TPB requirements.  Options: Online E-learning; Distance learning; or RPL. Online e-learning: $430


  • BSB30120 Certificate III in Business   
    This qualification may suit those wanting an introduction to a broad range of administrative skills suitable for an office environment. A great introduction to the business world. Cantonese speaking trainer available.
    Options: RPL, online or distance learning available: Online e-learning $1445 fully inclusive.
  • BSB40520 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management
    This qualification reflects the role of individuals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in supervision and management, working as developing leaders and managers in a range of industries.
    Options: RPL, online or distance learning available: Online e-learning $1445 fully inclusive
  • BSB50420 Diploma of Leadership and Management
    This is the latest version of this qualification and is the industry recommendation for persons typically employed in or looking to become employed in a managerial position, or for those seeking to formalise their existing skills and knowledge.
    Options: RPL, online or distance learning available: Online e-learning $1545 fully inclusive.


Fees are inclusive of course access, support, assessment and Certificate delivery. There is no GST component. Pay upfront and save or a pay per unit is also available for most of our courses. Credit Transfers recognised so you may just need to pay for gap units. Individual units’ completion time is a maximum of 3 months per unit. Extensions are available, if required, for a cost of $99 for every additional 3 months. We accept all credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, cheque or we have an Easy Payment Plan option.


1. Click on the green Enrol Here button on the left hand menu
2. Choose your preferred course and study mode
3. Add to cart and complete the enrolment and payment
4. If you need to pay for your course via the Payment Plan you will also need to send us the Pay-by-the-month form
5. Once we have your enrolment details please allow 24 hours for us to process your details and send your links and receipt.


CENTRELINK ASSISTANCE – NFI’s courses may be approved for Centrelink Student related payments. Generally trainees are required to enrol in and undertake a course on a full-time basis and make satisfactory progress toward completing their course. Students who wish to study part-time should contact Centrelink to determine if assistance is available. All our Certificate IV courses are Centrelink approved. Click here for information on what Centrelink financial assistance may be available to you.


1. Click here if your course completion date is due to expire or has passed and you require additional time to complete your course or units.


Package options give you two certificates once assessments have been passed. Students complete the Certificate IV first then proceed to the Diploma Upgrade course.

Package 1: FNS40821 3-DAY WORKSHOP + FNS50320 2-DAY WORKSHOP: $2,140 (normally $2440 – SAVE $300);

Package 2: FNS40821 DISTANCE learning + FNS50320 Distance learning course (normally $1540 – SAVE $200);

Package 3: FNS40821 ONLINE course + FNS50320 ONLINE course – $1,240 (normally $1,340 – SAVE $100);

Package 4: RPL for FNS40821 + RPL for FNS50320 [may apply for brokers with 2 yrs+ experience]: $895 (normally $1190 – SAVE $295);

If you wish to take advantage of a Package Special, please choose the package option when you enrol (there is no additional form to include if you choose a Package).

RPL applicants do not need to enrol through the Enrol Here button, they can proceed directly to the RPL application form on the Forms link.

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