1. Online e-Learning - $1,445 full course
  2. Distance Learning - $1,745 (Distance Learning is full online access + printed copies of the units)
  3. One unit at a time - $139 per online unit or $179 with hard copy provided
  4. Instalments - a Pay-by-the-month option is available on the full course fee above + a $40 administration fee ($0 interest).  Four months is the maximum term for this instalment option (application form below)
  5. RPL - $695 - Recognition of Prior Learning - in part or in full available - experience of 2+ years in a debt recovery/credit-related role required  (application form below)

Completion time: If studying the full course you have 12 months for completion of the 10 units. If studying one unit at a time, you have 3 months per unit for completion. RPL process is approximately 2 to 3 weeks but any additional study units will take additional time.

Pre-requisites: There are no pre-requisites to study this course. This qualification is an entry level qualification designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to fill a variety of credit related roles across a range of industry sectors. Successful completion of this qualification also meets the minimum education standard for non-mortgage responsible managers and credit representatives as required by ASIC RG206.


This qualification is suitable for:

  1. Loans officer or Responsible Manager for Asset Finance, Micro lending, Leasing Finance, Credit Repair, Personal Loans or Car Finance to be ASIC compliant.
  2. Those currently working for a mortgage manager, bank, credit union, building society, leasing company or similar in an admin or back office role and who are seeking to formalise or advance their skills; or
  3. Those seeking to find employment as a Credit Officer, Collection Officer, Loans Officer, Credit Team Leader or Salesperson involved in leasing or credit; or
  4. Those outside or new to the credit industry who are considering entering the finance or credit industry in an administrative or possible sales capacity.

Note: the FNS40122 is not the correct qualification for Home Loans or Business Loans even if this type of lending is only part of your activity. ASIC states for Home Lending or Business lending the relevant qualification is FNS40821.


This comprehensive course was previously coded FNS40120 and has now been superseded by FNS40122.  It has 10 units (7 core units and 3 elective units).  The core units cover as follows:

  • FNSCRD401 - Assess credit applications - How to assess and verify information provided in credit applications, establish credit terms and limits, and notify customers of credit application outcomes.
  • FNSCRD412 - Establish and maintain appropriate security - How to determine and implement appropriate security options in relation to individual customers to protect the organisation against loss and exposure.
  • FNSCRD415 - Manage overdue customer accounts - Correctly initiate and complete the management of customer accounts which have outstanding payments.
  • FNSCUS412 - Resolve disputes - Investigate, negotiate and resolve disputes between financial services customers and organisations.
  • FNSINC411 - Conduct work according to professional practices in the financial services industry - Identify industry professional approaches to procedures, guidelines, policies and standards, including ethical requirements.
  • FNSORG411 - Conduct individual work within a compliance framework - Assist in maintaining organisational and individual compliance while carrying out duties.
  • FNSRSK411 - Apply risk management strategies to own work - Interpret an organisation's financial risk management strategies in terms of own work and effectively use risk mitigation and elimination techniques and tools.


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  • Pay-by-the-month instalment form  (4-month maximum term)
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CENTRELINK ASSISTANCE - NFI's Certificate IV courses have been approved for Centrelink Student related assistance. Generally trainees are required to enrol in and undertake a course on a full-time basis and make satisfactory progress toward completing their course. Students who wish to study part-time should contact Centrelink to determine eligibility for assistance.

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