Academic Appeals

NFI are committed to providing quality training and education for our students and are proactive in seeking, and giving, feedback on learning options and assessment results. In the event of any dissatisfaction with results students are able to access the process for appeal as per the Complaints and Appeals policy and procedure.

If you are not satisfied with the results, or feedback you have received, NFI have implemented structured processes for complaint resolution which can be found in the NFI Complaints and appeals policy and procedure.  This policy and procedure copy can be requested from NFI via phone or email.

For Academic Appeals and Dispute Resolution, discussions with the trainer/assessor are always recommended as the first step towards solving any issues but you can also email administration at NFI or alternatively, you can provide feedback on the situation directly to the Managing Director of The National Finance Institute via email

If a complaint is received NFI will manage all complaints and appeals fairly, equitably and as efficiently as possible.  NFI will encourage the parties to approach the complaint or appeal with an open mind and to resolve problems through discussion and conciliation. Where a complaint or appeal cannot be resolved through discussion and conciliation, NFI acknowledges the need for an appropriate external, and independent person, to mediate between the parties. The parties will be given the opportunity to formally present their case to the independent person.

Processes and contact details for escalation are included in the policy and NFI are also available for advice and details at any time.

The terms and conditions on this website include this academic appeals and complaint procedure and applies to any third party training organisation namely, Walker and Miller Training Services.