Academic Appeals

In the case of you making an appeal on academic grounds, against the Course Trainer or The National Finance Institute, you should first attempt to achieve resolution through an informal approach directly to the trainer or person responsible for the action.

Alternatively, you can provide feedback on the situation directly to the Managing Director of The National Finance Institute via email

Assessment feedback is normally provided on where a trainee may have errors or missed information.  Should they believe they have been harshly marked they may appeal the decision by emailing administration in the first instance and pointing out their belief.  Administration will take up the issue with the markers and should there be a change this will be advised to the trainee via email.  Should the trainee still not be happy with the response the matter will be forwarded to ASQA for final adjudication.  It should be noted that an appeal will not necessarily mean a change of mark or assessment.  As transcript records indicate completion as “competent or not yet competent” for individual units, the individual marks will not always necessarily be disclosed.  The end result may very well be a subjective assessment.

If all or part of the grievance remains unresolved, you may wish to submit a formal appeal to resolve the grievance.

You do have the right to initially lodge a written appeal to the Managing Director. Should the response or action be unsatisfactory, then you have the right to appeal to the NFI Academic Appeals Committee and subsequently ASQA could become involved.

This committee will review the circumstances of the dispute and make a decision on the matter. Should you require a hearing, a meeting will be organised to discuss the grievance. Conditions regarding the committee review process would be provided to the complainant prior to the review occurring.

The terms and conditions on this website include this academic appeals and complaint procedure and applies to any third part training organisations namely, Walker and Miller Training Services.